My good friend and old neighbour Jasmin Doehring, a talented 3D artist and animator, produced the 3D animated short “Meep” for her Master thesis. Meep is an fluffy-long-necked-and-big-eyed creature, living in the arctic, which by accident falls in love with a banana.

For “Meep” I helped out as a Foley Artist and Soundengineer. I produced all the sound effects and noises and also recorded all the Meep dubbings made by Holger Milling.

It was a funny and challanging experience and in 2014 "Meep" was even recognized by germanys leading Magazin for 3D Productions - Production Partner - with an six-page article about the production.

Because “Meep” is inscripted in some national and international animation and shortfilm competitions, I´m not allowed to post the entire movie, but enjoy the making of about the dubbing stage of "Meep". I also recommend to check out the portfolio website from Jasmin Doehring to watch some of her lovely animation and film work.

Visit: Jasmin Döhring →